Swim and relax

In the Bathing World, our sauna guests and naturist fans will find optimal bathing conditions with 28 ºC water temperature in the indoor pool and 37 ºC in the whirlpools. In the summer months, the outdoor pool also invites you to refreshing swimming and nude bathing.

Our Bathing World – Swimming for sauna culture and free body culture

Swim, take a "Kneipp" bath, and relax in our bathing area with indoor pool, whirlpools, and outdoor pool!

If you are in or near Cologne or Bonn and looking for a pool with an exclusive atmosphere, you'll feel right at home in the Badewelt (bathing world) of the Saunapark Siebengebirge. In our pools, sauna guests and naturists can relax and enjoy swimming without clothes. All year round, you can unwind in the indoor pool with its whirlpools and stunning view of our natural sauna garden. And during the summer months, you can look forward to the outdoor pool!

Textilfreies Schwimmen mit Frische-Kick #unserebadewelt #naturpur #saunaparksiebengebirge #entspannenindernatur

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Saunaanlagen dürfen am 30. Mai noch nicht öffnen.
Gestern Abend wurde die neue Verordnung von der Landesregierung NRW verabschiedet. Für uns völlig unverständlich und auch nicht nachvollziehbar wurde darin die Öffnung von Saunaanlagen noch nicht erlaubt.

Wir bleiben aber am Ball und werden in den kommenden Tagen den Außenpool für die Wiedereröffnung vorbereiten. Sobald wir den genauen Termin kennen werden wir Sie informieren. #saunapark#coronanews#sauna#baldwiederda #unsersaunapark #unserebadewelt

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Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, whirlpools, and "Kneipp" therapies are available at Lützbach

Water is considered the source of life. Refreshing and cool or relaxing and warm, water has a cleansing and invigorating effect on body and mind. We experience this in particular when swimming, Kneipp or relaxing in the whirlpool.

That’s exactly why we use water in a variety of ways at Saunapark Siebengebirge for your health and well-being: Here you will not only find plunge pools and showers for cold-warm alternating baths after sauna sessions or the ice-cold “Kneipp” walk in the Lützbach. Enjoy the pleasantly warm water of our indoor pool and the two whirlpools in the Bathing World – and refresh yourself in summer with a dip in the cool water of the outdoor pool!

And just listen to the quiet, idyllic babbling of the Lützbach stream, which flows through our sauna garden: The soothing sound of the water alone lets us come down, switch off and recharge our batteries…

Freibad & Strand

Hallenbad & Whirlpools

Textile-free into the cold water

Swim-only rate for naturists (nude swimming)

You would like to swim nude without visiting the sauna? Of course, that is also possible at Saunapark Siebengebirge. With our swim-only rate, fans of naturism can use the indoor pool and the entire Badewelt without clothing during regular sauna opening hours. If you still want to visit the sauna after nudist swimming, you only pay a surcharge. That way you stay flexible!

Nude swimming in the open air pool

In the spring and summer months, our open-air pool with a real sandy beach also attracts sauna guests and supporters of naturism from Cologne, Bonn and the surrounding area to the Siebengebirge. From May to the end of September, nudist swimmers can use the outdoor pool of the sauna park without clothing at certain times.

Online reservation

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Your safety comes first, even while swimming

“Your safety, health, and well-being are our top priority. Thus, even in the bathing areas of our Saunapark, our employees are always there for you and will help you as competent contacts with any questions or problems you may have.

Through in-house training and further education, we at Saunapark Siebengebirge ensure that our employees work competently, with a focus on service and customer orientation, aimed at making your stay as pleasant as possible, so that you feel completely comfortable and safe with us. 

Forgot your bathrobe or beach towel?

If you ever come to the swimming pool without a towel or bathrobe – no problem! At the entrance of the sauna park, you can rent our exclusive Saunapark Siebengebirge bathrobes and towels. Alternatively, you can also buy bathrobes, towels, and bathing sandals from us.

Visitor Information

Here you can find all the information you need organized in a clear format. We are pleased to provide you with information on opening hours, admission prices, prepaid cards, sauna textile rentals and more.

Close to nature & „hyggelig“

Saunapark Siebengebirge is known for its cozy atmosphere that makes our sauna guests feel so comfortable that they love to come back. The park is also known for its natural surroundings, which we as a family-run and nature-loving sauna are proud of.

For generations, we and our employees have taken care of the grounds every day with a lot of love and dedication. The satisfaction and approval of our guests and regulars bring us great joy and are our highest priority.

Resource-saving & climate-friendly

  • With its own combined heat and power (CHP) plant, we produce 50% of the electricity needed in the sauna park ourselves.
  • 50% of consumption is covered by energy from wind and water power from neighboring countries.
  • In 2019, we converted all lighting to energy-saving LEDs to further save energy.
  • Modern building automation controls consumption according to demand.
  • Water is not wasted unnecessarily at the Saunapark Siebengebirge: we only use as much as necessary to ensure our hygiene standards.