Relaxation, rest and rejuvenation in nature

Sauna, steam bath and more! With its exclusive sauna and bathing landscapes as well as diverse wellness and spa offerings, the Sauna Park is one of the most popular saunas near Cologne Bonn, extending far beyond the Siebengebirge region.

An oasis of peace: the Sauna World

In the indoor area of our sauna landscape, stylishly furnished relaxation rooms and a cozy sleeping area offer a place for rest and relaxation regardless of the weather. Feel like you’re on vacation in our sauna world! And all this just a few kilometers from Cologne, Bonn or Siegburg.

6 saunas + steam bath

In our sauna world there are 7 different saunas and sauna variations available for you with different temperature ranges and air humidities. This way, you can choose the perfect sauna combination for your individual sauna experience. Additionally, we regularly invite you to diverse events such as the popular sauna night.

Our saunas

sauna infusion types

Wellness in nature: the sauna garden

Relax between sauna sessions in our spacious outdoor area like no other sauna in Cologne-Bonn. With its rustic trees providing shade and the Lützbach, a gently babbling stream flowing through the natural garden, which is available to our sauna guests as a natural Kneipp walkway, our sauna is unique. Numerous sun loungers allow you to find your own personal spot in the green sauna garden. Located right on the edge of the Königswinter forest, you can enjoy a piece of nature from the Seven Hills. Pure relaxation and wellness!

A sauna sweat bath
Regular sauna sessions

Our infusions & ceremonies

Do you especially like sauna infusions? You can relax during up to 26 infusions per day. A large infusion board in the sauna area will inform you about the current infusions and ceremonies. You can also find out at what times our infusions take place here.


The relaxation areas offer unique experiences: The salt room provides a salty microclimate reminiscent of sea air or a salt cave. Here you can breathe deeply, relax and recharge. The quiet oasis of the relaxation rooms allow you to lean back, enjoy a book or simply experience the silence and pleasant atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a world of well-being and regeneration at the Saunapark Siebengebirge. Find out the times of our infusion ceremonies.

Online reservation

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We are there for you

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Our sauna masters are always available during your visit to assist you with any questions, wishes, or concerns that you may have. Our team of sauna park experts is here to help you at any time. Our team is comprised of competent and reliable personnel who have received extensive training and continue their education in order to ensure you have the best possible experience.

These efforts help us provide a customer-centered approach to hospitality that is both professional and compassionate. Our aim is to make your stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, ensuring that you feel safe and content in our care.

Bathrobe and sauna towel

Forgot your towel or bathrobe? No problem! Just ask at the entrance of the sauna park for our exclusive sauna park bathrobes and sauna towels. You can rent or buy the sauna textiles – the latter is also available in our online shop.

Visitor Information

Here you can find all the information you need organized in a clear format. We are pleased to provide you with information on opening hours, admission prices, prepaid cards, sauna textile rentals and more.

Close to nature & „hyggelig“

Saunapark Siebengebirge is known for its cozy atmosphere that makes our sauna guests feel so comfortable that they love to come back. The park is also known for its natural surroundings, which we as a family-run and nature-loving sauna are proud of.

For generations, we and our employees have taken care of the grounds every day with a lot of love and dedication. The satisfaction and approval of our guests and regulars bring us great joy and are our highest priority.

Resource-saving & climate-friendly

  • With its own combined heat and power (CHP) plant, we produce 50% of the electricity needed in the sauna park ourselves.
  • 50% of consumption is covered by energy from wind and water power from neighboring countries.
  • In 2019, we converted all lighting to energy-saving LEDs to further save energy.
  • Modern building automation controls consumption according to demand.
  • Water is not wasted unnecessarily at the Saunapark Siebengebirge: we only use as much as necessary to ensure our hygiene standards.